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Construction Staking Surveys

Construction Surveying is the translation of construction plans into physical points on the ground that can be used as a basis for the actual construction. The results of construction surveying are seen in almost any urban, suburban, and even rural setting. Almost any roadway, building, or other man-made improvement probably had some amount of construction surveying involved. Construction surveying provides not only the horizontal location of new improvements, but also the vertical information required to ensure that surfaces drain or pipes flow as required.

Often the stakes and points set during the process of construction surveying are not set at the actual construction point, but usually on some sort of offset. This is done so that the survey stake is not disturbed by excavation or other activities that will take place at the actual point of construction. The stakes are marked with an "offset" and a "grade", which provides the construction crew the ability to re-establish the point several times during construction. The “offset” is the distance from the survey stake to the horizontal position of the actual point of construction. The "grade" represents the change in elevation that needs to be obtained from the reference point to the actual construction point, expressed as a "cut" (lower in elevation) or a "fill" (higher in elevation). The grade should also indicate the vertical feature that the grade is referencing, usually a flowline or finished floor elevation.

Valentino & Associates Land Surveyors has an established reputation in the construction industry for providing accurate and timely service for all types of construction projects. Our experienced personnel understand the need for accuracy that is inherent in construction projects, and the need for good communications and for keeping a project on schedule.

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